MnM Term Books

MnM Term Books

MnM Term Books for LKG and UKG

Me 'n' Mine is a term course comprising 15 books for grades 1 to 5, 3 books per grade, spread over 3 terms. The core subjects covered are English, Maths, EVS/Science and Social Studies. The contents are broadly derived from the guidelines provided in NCF 2022 and NEP 2020. The books focus on providing quality education while reducing the extra burden on students. They embed the principles and practices of hands-on, and responsive teaching and learning while focusing on the common goal of improving education. Its myriad innovative, creative and interactive features make teaching and learning participative and interesting.

  • Class C

MNM Term Book-TB-UKG_T1-R

  • Author : P. Yesudhas
  • ISBN : 9789353622527
  • Price : 300.00
  • Book Type : Text Book