The English Route

The English Route

This series is a multi-skill structured course in English with an intense focus on grammar structure practiced through the LSRW skills. All nine language skills are intergrated through tasks and activities acroos the three-book set for each level; Course books, Literary Readers and Practice books. The gradation is smoothly progressive across books and over the series.

  • HOTS, Life Skills, PSA activities.
  • Exercises based on principle of multiple intelligences and learning by doing methods.
  • Ample opprtunity for individual, pair and group work.
  • Open ended tasks are provided to encourage critical thinking.
  • All eight language skill integrated through tasks and activities.
  • Warm-Up introduces theme with brief activities, triggers discussions that practice oral-aural skills.
  • Phonics Exposure to right pronounciation, syllabic stress, intonation.
  • Grammar Activity Oral-aural fun opportunities to apply grammar structures through pair and group work.
  • Grammar practice through extensive LSRW activity.
  • VQs focuses on values contained in all the stories and passages.
  • Listening Listen-and-do activities for varied purposes.
  • Class A
  • Class B

The English Route-A

  • Author : Rupa Gupta
  • ISBN : 9789351997603
  • Price : 280.00
  • Book Type : Text Book

The English Route-B

  • Author : Rupa Gupta
  • ISBN : 9789351997610
  • Price : 285.00
  • Book Type : Text Book