The English Circle

The English Circle

The English Circle is a complete package for classes LKG, UKG and 1 to 8. It includes main course
books, literary readers and practice books as well as a comprehensive teacher's resource. This series
is a multi-skill structured course in English with an intense focus on grammar structure practised
through the LSRW skills. All nine language skills are integrated through tasks and activities across the
three-book set for each level. The gradation is smoothly progressive across books and over the series.
Some of the key features of this series include HOTS, Life skills, exercises based on the principle
of multiple intelligences and learn-by-doing methods as well as projects and sample test papers to
evaluate all skills.

  • Class A
  • Class B

The English Circle-A

  • Author : Team Saraswati
  • ISBN : 9789352721702
  • Price : 215.00
  • Book Type : Text Book

The English Circle-B

  • Author : Team Saraswati
  • ISBN : 9789352721719
  • Price : 230.00
  • Book Type : Text Book