The Science Hub

The Science Hub

A well-structured innovative series, the enhanced edition of The Science Hub, comprises textbooks for classes 1 to 8 and fully conforms to the latest curriculum. The hands-on approach to present concepts, helps in making the learning and teaching processes interesting and collaborative. The series is aimed at engaging students actively in experiential learning and developing a scientific bent of mind in them. Relevance of the topics facilitates students in applying the knowledge and skills to other subjects as well as into their everyday lives outside the classroom.

  1. 1.Concept Building: Dive in/Objectives list the main topics covered in the chapter. Delphi’s Corner gives a story/activity-based introduction and develops concepts allowing students to connect to their day-to-day happenings to make learning interactive and interesting.
  2. 2.Facts, Tips and Summary: Science Fact and Science Tip are information-based features Mind Map summarises the lesson through flow charts for quick recall.
  3. 3.Experiments and Activities: Activity engages the students through a hands-on approach Experiment demonstrates scientific principles and phenomenon Swim with Values/Life Skills develops values and life skills in children Fun Time section ensures that learning continues through a fun activity Innovator’s Corner allows students to learn something new, either through an activity or a presentation.
  4. 4.Variety of Assessments: Let’s Speak encourages students to think from a scientific perspective and put forth their views on a topic Project develops creativity in the students through research based activities Summative Assessment a teacher support tool to check the understanding of the students as per CBSE guidelines.
  • Class 6
  • Class 7
  • Class 8

The Science Hub-6

  • Author : Gautam Bindal
  • ISBN : 9789391126117
  • Price : 595.00
  • Book Type : Text Book

The Science Hub-7

  • Author : Shalini Samadhiya
  • ISBN : 9789391126193
  • Price : 615.00
  • Book Type : Text Book

The Science Hub-8

  • Author : Tripti Mehta
  • ISBN : 9789391126278
  • Price : 645.00
  • Book Type : Text Book