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Science Pictorial Dictionary

Science Pictorial Dictionary

Science Pictorial Dictionary for classes 6 to 10 has been designed keeping the needs of students in mind. Profusely illustrated, the purpose of this book is to explain difficult scientific terms in simple and lucid language with the help of labelled and colourful diagrams. It includes around 1000 scientific terms of physics, chemistry and biology from the syllabus. Some basic units; derived SI units; great scientists and their inventions; scientific names of animals, birds and plants; endangered species and their conservation; list of critically endangered species; and list of wild life sanctuaries and national parks in India are included, which will be very useful for students and teachers alike.

  • Class 10

Science Pictorial Dictionary-(6-10)

  • ISBN : 9789351998716
  • Price : 300.00
  • Book Type : Dictionary