Me 'n' Mine Pullout Worksheet (English)

Me 'n' Mine Pullout Worksheet (English)

As per NCF-2023, Me ‘n’ Mine Pullout Worksheets English is a complete practice material for class 6 to 12 for students in the form of worksheets through which they can revise concepts and identify the areas of improvement. Assessment of all the topics can be comprehensively done through these sets. The series also comprises solved and unsolved practice papers as per latest CBSE syllabus and guidelines. Along with the basic exercises the series also comprises various elements of the formative assessment like puzzles, crosswords, projects, etc.

  • Contains Explanations on Fundamentals, Exercises for thorough practice and Easy Learning Tips for better understanding.
  • Step by Step Instructions along with illustrations for easy understandability.
  • Covers all aspects of Summative and Formative Assessment
  • Includes Unsolved Test Papers in each chapter.
  • Contains Two Solved and Five Unsolved Practice Papers as per the latest examination guidelines prescribed by CBSE.
  • Well-graded activities designed to make students learn in progression.
  • Class 11
  • Class 12

Me n Mine English Core-11

  • Author : Dr M M Sharma
  • ISBN : 9789353623401
  • Price : 715.00
  • Book Type : Practise Books

Me n Mine English Core-12

  • Author : Dr M M Sharma
  • ISBN : 9789353623418
  • Price : 595.00
  • Book Type : Practise Books